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Paracetamol plus ibuprofen increased time without fever compared with paracetamol but did not differ from ibuprofen in children

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A D Hay

Dr A D Hay, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK;


How does paracetamol (PCM) plus ibuprofen (IBF) compare with either drug alone for treating fever in children?



randomised controlled trial (Paracetamol plus Ibuprofen for the Treatment of fever in CHildren [PITCH]). Current Controlled Trials ISRCTN26362730.




blinded (nurses, {patients, data collectors, outcome assessors, data analysts, and safety committee}*).

Follow-up period:

48 hours.


35 primary care sites in Bristol, UK.


156 children (mean age 2 y, age range 6 mo to 6 y, 56% boys) who had axillary temperatures of 37.8°C to 41°C. Exclusion criteria included need for hospital admission; dehydration; chronic disease; or contraindication to trial …

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  • Source of funding: National Institute for Health Research and National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment.