Table 1

Questions to help critically appraise economic evidence

Are the results of this economic evaluation valid?
1.Is the appropriate economic evaluation method used?
2.Are the alternative courses of action appropriate and well defined?
3.Is the perspective of the analysis stated, and are appropriate costs considered?
4.If cost utility analysis methods are used, are the utilities (patient preferences) reasonable?
5.Are the events used comprehensive, and are the probabilities of events derived from credible sources?
6.Are data on costs and outcomes appropriately discounted?
7.Is uncertainty in the data adequately addressed?
What are the results of this economic analysis?
1.How do the resulting costs or costs/unit of health gained compare with other interventions?
2.Are the conclusions likely to change with sensible changes in costs and outcomes?
Will the results help me in caring for my patients?
1.Do the costs in the report apply in my own setting?
2.Will the intervention (or new model of care) be effective in my setting?