Interventions evaluated in randomised trials which showed positive results

Type of interventionTarget populationImproved outcomes
Health education in schools
Focus: self management, parent involvement, self efficacyChildren (8–11 y) with asthma Self management, self efficacy, child's influence on parents
Health education
Focus: illness mechanisms, relaxation training, contingency coping exercisesChildren (6–14 y) with asthma and their parentsBehaviour
Focus: peer learning, knowledge of illness, decision making, parent supportChildren (7–14 y) with epilepsy Self competence
Focus: acknowledge loss of normal child, family functioning assessment, decision making, social supportChildren (7–14 y) with epilepsy and their familiesAnxiety
Focus: social skills, cognitive problem solving, assertiveness training, how to handle teasingChildren (5–13 y) with cancer and their parentsBehaviour, social support, social competence
Focus: parent counselling, crisis intervention, disease management, coping skillsFamilies of children (4–16 y) with mixed diagnoses Adjustment
Home care programme
Focus: health education, coordination of care, family responsibility for management and decision making, support, advocacyChildren (0–10 y) with mixed diagnoses and their familiesAdjustment, personal adjustment and role skills, psychiatric symptoms, maternal satisfaction