Relative risks for death from ischaemic heart disease for quartiles of total calcium intake in women*

Quartile Number of women Total calcium intake Relative risk (95% CI)
*Abbreviations defined in glossary. Analyses adjusted for age, total energy intake, body mass index, waist to hip ratio, history of diabetes mellitus, smoking status, postmenopausal oestrogen use, alcohol intake, education, marital status, physical activity, dietary vitamin E intake, and saturated fat intake.
†Not significant.
First 127 <696 mg/day1.00
Second 84 696-1051 mg/day 0.62 (0.45 to 0.85)
Third 94 1052-1425 mg/day 0.75 (0.55 to 1.03)†
Fourth 82 1425 mg/day 0.67 (0.47 to 0.94)