Table 1

Guideline recommendations for screening and assessment of dysphagia*

1 All stroke patients will have their swallowing function screened within 24 hrs of admission to identify those with swallowing difficulties. (B)
2 Screening will be via a validated water swallowing tool, with pre-screen checks for conscious level, oromotor and laryngeal function, and signs of respiratory aspiration. (B)
3 Detection of abnormalities in swallowing function will be followed by immediate referral for full clinical swallowing assessment by an appropriately trained speech and language therapist (SLT). (B)
*Letters in parentheses refer to strength of recommendation, in light of underpinning evidence.13
1 Patients presenting with features indicating dysphagia and/ or risk of pulmonary aspiration will receive a full clinical assessment of swallowing by an appropriately trained speech and language therapist. (B)
2 SLT assessment will be initiated within 2 working days of referral. (C)
3 SLT assessment will take place within 72 hours of admission, where required. (C)