Coaching in cardiovascular health v usual care for coronary heart disease*

Outcomes at 6 monthsCOACHUsual careDifference in mean change (95% CI)
*BMI  =  body mass index; BP  =  blood pressure. Values are mean change from baseline. CIs provided by author.
Total cholesterol (mmol/l)−0.54−0.180.36 (0.20 to 0.52)
BMI (kg/m2)−0.5−0.10.4 (0.1 to 0.5)
Total fat (g)−15.3−10.54.8 (0.3 to 9.3)
Systolic BP (mm Hg)+0.1+4.54.4 (1.8 to 7.0)
Diastolic BP (mm Hg)+0.4+2.82.4 (0.7 to 4.0)