Early v delayed initiation of oral intake of food and fluids after major abdominal gynaecological surgery*
OutcomesNumber of trials (n)Weighted event ratesRRI (95% CI)NNH (CI)
Early feedingDelayed feeding
Nausea1 (195)43%24%79% (19 to 171)6 (4 to 17)
Abdominal distension2 (301)34%31%7% (−23 to 47)Not significant
Vomiting2 (301)6.1%7.1%14% (−100 to 63)Not significant
Ileus1 (96)8.5%14%40% (−90 to 81)Not significant
  • *Abbreviations defined in glossary. RRI, RRR, NNH, NNT, and CI calculated from data in article using a fixed-effects model.