Symptoms, signs, and blood tests independently associated with a confirmed diagnosis of acute sinusitis*

Symptom, sign, or blood test (number of studies investigating item)Number of studies finding an association+LR
*+LR = positive likelihood ratio; defined in glossary
Purulent rhinorrhoea (4)31.5, 1.5, 1.9
Pain in teeth (4)22.1, 2.5
Beginning with common cold (4)11.4
Unilateral maxillary pain (4)11.8
2 phases in the illness history (1)12.1
Lack of response to nasal decongestants (1)12.1
Purulent secretion in nasal cavity (4)22.1, 5.5
Pain at bending forward (4)11.6
Transillumination of sinus (1)11.6
Blood Tests
Elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, >10 mm/h for males and >20 mm/h for females (2)21.7, 2.9
Increased C-reactive protein, >10 mg/l (2)11.8