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Stepping up: exploring health coaching’s impact on nurse wellness and long-term physical activity
  1. Ebtsam Aly Abou Hashish1,2
  1. 1Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt
  2. 2College of Nursing, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  1. Correspondence to Professor Ebtsam Aly Abou Hashish, Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt; ebtsam_ss{at}

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Commentary on: Nerek, A, Wesołowska-Górniak, K, & Czarkowska-Pączek, B (2024). Enhancing feedback by health coaching: the effectiveness of mixed methods approach to long-term physical activity changes in nurses. An intervention study. BMC nursing, 23(1), 196.

Implications for practice and research

  • Tailoring interventions for individual motivations and workplace challenges is crucial for promoting physical activity among nurses and improving their well-being.

  • Future research should explore the long-term effectiveness and broader health outcomes of mixed-methods interventions, guiding evidence-based strategies in healthcare practice.


Despite the benefits of regular physical activity, many nurses have low activity levels, leading to higher risks of chronic diseases and absenteeism. Over 30% of nurses are overweight or obese, often due to stressful work conditions and night shifts, increasing the risk of metabolic disorders.1 2 Nurses also have the lowest participation in workplace …

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