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Child health
Supporting rural nurses to develop and implement a contextualised, systematic approach to paediatric pain management is vital to improve pain care for children
  1. Amy Noakes
  1. Division of Children’s Nursing, London South Bank University, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to Amy Noakes, Children NursingLondon South Bank University, London SE1 0AA, UK; Noakesa2{at}

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Commentary on: Marshall C, Forgeron P, Harrison D, et al. Exploration of nurses’ pediatric pain management experience in rural hospitals: a qualitative descriptive study. Appl Nurs Res 2018;42: 89–97.

Implication for practice and research

  • Considering the context within which nurses deliver paediatric pain management provides implication for practice via ensuring that there are systematic procedures rather than pain care based on individual beliefs.

  • Further research is required to consider rural contextual specific pain management interventions that could enable long-term improvements to care.


Poor pain management for children can have long-term negative impact.1 Yet it has been recognised that globally hospitalised children continue to experience pain despite the availability of effective management strategies.2 Nurses possess a key role in pain assessment, treatment and escalation of concerns to clinicians. This study by Marshall et al 1 considers the interplay between the context within which …

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