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Randomised control trial
People with unhealthy lifestyle behaviours benefit from remote coaching via mobile technology
  1. Faryle Nothwehr
  1. Correspondence to: Dr Faryle Nothwehr
    , Community and Behavioral Health, University of Iowa, 105 River Street, N424 CPHB, Iowa City, IA52242,USA; faryle-nothwehr{at}

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Implications for practice and research

  • The study confirms previous research findings suggesting that behavioural interventions that encourage goal setting and frequent self-monitoring can result in significant, positive behavioural change, even in a population with fairly entrenched behavioural patterns.

  • Non-targeted behaviours may be affected through a process of complementary behavioural change.

  • Additional research is needed to better understand whether and how changes in non-targeted behaviours occur in adults, as this could lead to more efficient interventions.

  • Use of mobile technology to encourage self-monitoring has the potential to provide exceptionally rich data for researchers studying the behaviour change process. However, the relative advantage of such technology over low-technology self-monitoring methods in terms of participant …

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