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Cross-sectional study
Survey finds only 15% of emergency departments have formal alcohol screening and intervention policies for trauma patients
  1. Paolo Deluca
  1. Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to Paolo Deluca
    De Crespigny Park PO48, London SE5 8AF, UK; paolo.deluca{at}

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In this study, Cunningham and colleagues sought to understand the degree to which alcohol screening and brief interventions (ASBI) are implemented across Emergency Departments (EDs) nationwide in the USA.

There already exists a substantial evidence base for the efficacy of brief interventions aimed at reducing alcohol consumption across a range of healthcare settings,1 and a previous review from the same authors highlighted how EDs offer also a unique opportunity to address the burden of alcohol misuse.2 However, ASBI implementation in ED settings has so far been patchy, even though the vast number of patients that visit ED each year, with or without alcohol-related presentations, offers many opportunities to access and intervene with a large number of patients who …

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