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Patients resisted attempts to link smoking to their current medical problems in general practice consultations

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Q In general practice consultations, how do general practitioners (GPs) introduce and advise patients who smoke about quitting? How do patients respond to this advice?


Interactional analysis of videotaped patient-GP consultations and semistructured interviews with GPs.


General practices in an East Midlands County in the UK.


47 consultations between 47 patients who were self reported regular or occasional smokers {mean age 41 y, 74% women}* and 29 different GPs. 39 GPs were also interviewed.


42 GPs who responded to a postal questionnaire measuring attitudes towards discussing smoking with patients were recruited. Of the 538 video recorded consultations, 47 (between 47 different patients and 29 GPs) that mentioned smoking were chosen for further analysis. In addition, 39 semistructured interviews …

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  • * Information provided by author.

  • For correspondence: Dr A Pilnick, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK.

  • Source of funding: not stated.