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Mental health
Effect of depression on caregivers caring for family members living with dementia and other chronic illnesses
  1. Magalie L Alcindor
  1. Nursing, York College, Jamaica, New York, USA
  1. Correspondence to Dr Magalie L Alcindor, Nursing, York College, Jamaica, NY 11451, USA; MAlcindor{at}

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Commentary on: Lippe, M., Crowder, A., Carter, P. & Threadgill, H. (2021). Variables impacting the quality of life of dementia caregivers: A data visualization analysis. Journal of Nursing Scholarship 53:6, 772-780.

Implications for practice and research

  • Healthcare professionals and caregivers must be educated about the impact and long-term effect of social isolation on patient with dementia and its implication on the declining health of caregivers caring for these patients.

  • The mixed methodology research can be used to explore the testimonial reports of the caregivers, as well as the statistical significance of the phenomenon (poorer health outcomes in caregivers of patients with dementia placed in quarantine).


Research findings indicate that …

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