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Nursing issues
Staff burn-out has implications for organisational and patient outcomes: would an open culture of support with structures in place prevent burn-out?
  1. Jane Peirson
  1. Department of Psychological Health, Wellbeing and Social Work, University of Hull, Hull, Kingston upon Hull, UK
  1. Correspondence to Jane Peirson, Department of Psychological Health, Wellbeing and Social Work, University of Hull, Hull HU6 7RX, Kingston upon Hull, UK; J.A.Peirson{at}

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Commentary on: Jun, J., Ojemeni, M., et al. (2021) Relationship between nurse burnout, patient and organisational outcomes: Systematic review. J Adv Nurs 2021;119

Implications for practice and research

  • Supporting a culture of staff well-being will have benefits on organisational and patient outcomes.

  • Further research is required using a consistent theoretical/measurement approach to investigate the long-term effects of organisational and personal interventions to prevent burn-out.


Growing concerns around staff burn-out and associated health complications have been well researched1 and further evidenced in current practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.2 The impact on the remaining staff members through absences from work, staff enduring chronic stress, burn-out, health-related conditions and the cyclical nature for further staff being affected by this, is something that the majority of health professionals relate to. This article3 aims to take the alternative view …

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