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SIGN Apps for iPhone and Android phone

The app for the Apple and Android phones and tablets contains reference guides (QRG) of SIGN guidelines.

The app has recently been updated to include our suite of coronary heart disease (CHD) Guidelines:

  • 97 Risk estimation and the prevention of cardiovascular disease

  • 96 Management of stable angina

  • 95 Management of chronic heart failure

  • 94 Cardiac arrhythmias in coronary heart disease

  • 93 Acute coronary syndromes (updated February 2013)

In addition, navigation of the app has been improved with category listings of guidelines. The content is enhanced with material from the main guideline and online resources, linked to the SIGN website. The app features keyword search, bookmarking and access to the SIGN website. The Apple app has also been optimised for Retina display where appropriate.

SIGN 130: brain injury rehabilitation in adults

The guideline provides recommendation, where possible, about post-acute assessment for adults over 16 years of age with brain injuries and interventions for cognitive, communicative, emotional, behavioural and physical rehabilitation. Evidence is also presented on important questions relevant to patient outcomes such as optimal models and settings of care, the benefits of discharge planning and the applicability of telemedicine.

SIGN 132: long-term follow-up of survivors of childhood cancer

This guideline is applicable to all people who have survived cancer in childhood, and who may experience late effects that are related to the treatment received. It is aimed at primary care staff who provide healthcare for cancer survivors, as well as secondary care and long-term follow-up clinic staff.

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