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Update on treatments for head lice

Reprinted from: DTB 2009;47:50–2


Head lice infestation is common, and mainly affects children of primary school age.1 Treatments include conventional chemical insecticides; fine tooth louse combs; and fluid preparations that work by a physical rather than chemical mode of action.1 However, each of these fails to eradicate head lice in some patients.1 Other disadvantages include the long contact time required for certain preparations (e.g. 8 hours) and the time commitment for combing regimens. Isopropyl myristate 50% in cyclomethicone solution (Full Marks Solution – SSL International) is a new fluid treatment with a physical mode of action that uses a 10-minute contact time.2 Here, we consider this product in the context of updating advice we gave in 2007 on treatments for head lice.

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Reprinted from: DTB 2009;47:50–2

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