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Intensive nutritional supplementation improved functional outcome after strokeCommentary

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Does an intensive nutritional supplement improve functional outcome in undernourished patients in a stroke rehabilitation unit?



randomised controlled trial.




blinded (patients, healthcare providers, therapists, data collectors, and outcome assessors).

Follow-up period:

to discharge (mean 26 d).


stroke rehabilitation unit in New York, USA.


116 patients (mean age 74 y, 59% men) who had had a first stroke <4 weeks before admission to the unit, had ⩾2.5% weight loss within 2 weeks after the stroke, were medically stable, and were able to ingest food orally. Exclusion criteria were dementia, alcohol abuse, renal or liver disease, malabsorption, and terminal illness.


intensive nutritional supplement (240 calories, 11 g of protein) (n = 58) or standard nutritional supplement (127 calories, 5 g of protein) (n = 58), 120 …

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