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Review: psychological interventions prevent depression after strokeCommentary

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M L Hackett

Dr M L Hackett, George Institute for International Health, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia;


Do psychological or pharmaceutical interventions prevent depression in patients with stroke?


Studies selected compared psychological therapy with standard care, or a pharmaceutical agent with placebo, for prevention of depression in patients with stroke. Primary outcome was depression, defined by standard diagnostic criteria or a score above the cut point on standard rating scales. Secondary outcomes included change in scores on scales for depression, cognitive functioning, independence in activities of daily living, disability, and psychological distress.


Trials registers of the Cochrane Stroke Group (Oct 2007) and Cochrane Depression, Anxiety, and Neurosis Group (Feb 2008); Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (Issue 1, 2008); 11 other databases; conference proceedings (2007); online …

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