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Children who had experienced family food insufficiency were more likely to be overweight at 4.5 years of age

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Q What is the relation between family food insufficiency and overweight in preschool children?


Embedded ImageDesign:

population based cohort study (part of the Longitudinal Study of Child Development in Quebec [LSCDQ]).

Embedded ImageSetting:

Quebec, Canada.

Embedded ImageParticipants:

1549 of a random sample of 2103 preschool children from the LSCDQ were included in the nutrition study.

Embedded ImageRisk factors:

family food insufficiency (based on mother’s response of “regularly or every month,” “>1/month,” “only during certain months,” or “occasionally but not regularly” to the following question: Have you or a member of your family not eaten adequately because the family had run out of food or money to buy food?), income insufficiency, socioeconomic status, annual gross income, and family …

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  • Sources of funding: in part, Canadian Institute of Health Information, Population Health Initiative, and Canadian Institute of Health Research.