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Nutritional supplementation after surgery for hip fracture reduced fracture related complications in otherwise healthy patients

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Q Does intravenous (IV) and oral nutritional supplementation after surgery for hip fracture reduce fracture related complications in otherwise healthy patients?


Embedded ImageDesign:

randomised controlled trial.

Embedded ImageAllocation:


Embedded ImageBlinding:

blinded (healthcare providers).

Embedded ImageFollow up period:

120 days.

Embedded ImageSetting:

a hospital in Sweden.

Embedded ImagePatients:

80 patients >60 years of age (79% women) who had surgery <48 h after cervical or trochanteric hip fracture. Exclusion criteria were multiple or pathological fractures, malignant disease, inflammatory joint disease, pain, or functional impairment other than hip fracture that might inhibit normal mobilisation; substantial cognitive impairment, depression, acute psychosis, epileptic seizures, or alcohol or medication abuse; heart, kidney, or liver insufficiency; or type 1 diabetes mellitus, suspected acute myocardial infarction, or haematemesis.

Embedded ImageIntervention:

nutritional supplementation for the first …

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  • * Information provided by author.

  • For correspondence: Dr M Eneroth, Department of Orthopaedics, Lund University Hospital, Lund, Sweden. magnus.eneroth{at}

  • Sources of funding: County of Skane and Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.