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Randomised controlled trial
Elastic compression stockings fail to prevent post-thrombotic syndrome after a first deep vein thrombosis
  1. Abir Kanaan
  1. Department of Pharmacy Practice, MCPHS University, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
  1. Correspondence to: Dr Abir Kanaan, Department of Pharmacy Practice, MCPHS University, 19 Foster Street, Worcester, MA 01608, USA; abir.kanaan{at}

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Implications for practice and research

  • Elastic compression stockings should not be routinely used for the prevention of post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) following a first deep vein thrombosis (DVT) episode.

  • The role of elastic compression stockings in PTS prevention should be further examined.


Post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) is a chronic complication of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) characterised by clinical features ranging from minor limb swelling to leg ulceration. One in three patients with DVT will develop PTS sequelae within 5 years, with most cases reported within the first 2 years.1 Venous hypertension, resulting from valvular reflux and residual thrombus, is implicated in the pathophysiology of PTS.2 Elastic compression stockings reduce venous hypertension and have been evaluated …

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