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Calcium plus vitamin D did not prevent fractures or colorectal cancer in postmenopausal women

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 Q In postmenopausal women, does supplementation with calcium and vitamin D reduce fractures or colorectal cancer?


Embedded ImageDesign:

randomised, placebo controlled trial (Women’s Health Initiative [WHI] calcium with vitamin D trial).

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Embedded ImageBlinding:

blinded {participants, clinicians, data collectors, outcome assessors, adjudicators, and manuscript writers}.*

Embedded ImageFollow up period:

mean 7 years.

Embedded ImageSetting:

40 centres in the US.

Embedded ImageParticipants:

36 282 healthy postmenopausal women 50–79 years of age (mean age 62 y).

Embedded ImageIntervention:

calcium carbonate, 1000 mg/day, and vitamin D3, 400 IU/day, in 2 doses (n = 18 176) or placebo (n = 18 106).

Embedded ImageOutcomes:

hip, wrist, vertebral, and total fractures; colorectal cancer; and death.

Embedded ImagePatient follow up:

99% (intention to treat analysis).


The groups did not differ …

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