Evid Based Nurs 9:15 doi:10.1136/ebn.9.1.15
  • Treatment

A weight maintenance diet reduced bulimic symptoms in adolescent girls

 Q Does a weight maintenance diet reduce bulimic symptoms and negative affect in adolescent girls?



randomised controlled trial.


unclear concealment.


blinded (data collectors and outcome assessors).

GraphicFollow up period:

1 year.


Austin, Texas, USA.


188 girls 14–19 years of age (mean age 16.7 y, 57% white) who had body image concerns were recruited from high schools and a university using direct mailings, flyers, and leaflets.


a healthy weight management intervention (n = 94) or an assessment-only control condition (n = 94). The healthy weight management intervention comprised 3 weekly, 1 hour, small group sessions (6–10 participants) facilitated by a clinical psychologist or graduate student and a research assistant. In session 1, facilitators explained that the intervention would help them to make small permanent lifestyle changes that would allow them to achieve and maintain a healthier body weight (a “healthy” ideal rather than the “thin” ideal). They provided instruction on how to gradually develop a balanced diet and individualise behaviour modification tips to …

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