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4 layer elastic bandages were more cost effective than multilayer inelastic bandages for healing venous leg ulcers

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Q Are multilayer short stretch bandages (SSBs) more cost effective than 4 layer bandages (4LBs) for healing venous leg ulcers?


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randomised controlled trial.

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mean duration of 193 days.

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9 centres in the UK. The centres provided several different models of leg ulcer service, including community and district nurse led services, community leg ulcer clinics, and hospital leg ulcer clinics with community outreach.

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387 patients ⩾18 years of age (mean age 72 years, 59% women) who had an ankle brachial pressure index ⩾0.8 and venous leg ulcers for ⩾1 week that were ⩾1 cm in length or width. Patients with diabetes were excluded. …

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