Evid Based Nurs 7:107 doi:10.1136/ebn.7.4.107
  • Treatment

Review: probiotics reduced diarrhoea at 3 days in children and adults with proven or presumed infectious diarrhoea

Probiotics v control (placebo or no probiotics) in children and adults with proven or presumed infectious diarrhoea*

Outcomes Number of studies (n) Weighted event rates RRR (95% CI) NNT (CI)
Probiotics Control
*Abbreviations defined in glossary; RRR, NNT, and CI calculated from data in article.
†Based on a random effects model (significant heterogeneity among trials).
‡Based on a fixed effects model.
Diarrhoea for ⩾3 days† 15 (1341) 40% 62% 34% (23 to 45) 5 (4 to 8)
Diarrhoea for ⩾4 days† 13 (1228) 17% 45% 69% (50 to 81) 4 (3 to 6)
Weighted mean difference (CI)
Mean duration of diarrhoea (h)† 12 (970) −30.48 (−42.46 to −18.51)
Mean stool frequency (day 2)‡ 5 (417) −1.51 (−1.85 to −1.17)
Mean stool frequency (day 3)‡ 4 (447) −1.31 (−1.56 to −1.07)

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