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Active consideration underpinned the efforts of men with prostate cancer to support their spouse caregivers

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QUESTION: How do men with prostate cancer and their female spouses characterise the phenomenon of patient provided support for spouse caregivers?


Qualitative study within a large longitudinal study.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


34 men with prostate cancer (mean age 61 y) and their partners (mean age 57 y). The men were married or living with an intimate female partner and had chosen surgical prostatectomy as their primary treatment at the time of the first semistructured interview. The men and their partners spoke English.


The men and their partners separately participated in 3 semistructured, 1 hour interviews (before surgery and at 2 and 12 mo after surgery). Questions included “Has your partner attempted to support you? Have you attempted to support your partner? If so, how? Has this been helpful?” Interviews were transcribed verbatim and analysed using the grounded theory method.

Main findings

The core theme, active consideration, reflected men’s inclinations to expand their …

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