Evid Based Nurs 4:108 doi:10.1136/ebn.4.4.108
  • Treatment

Developmental outcomes did not differ for early or delayed tympanostomy tube insertion in young children with otitis media

Differences (early treatment group minus late treatment group) in the mean scores of developmental outcomes at age 3 years

Outcomes at 3 years Scale* Difference in mean scores between groups (95% CI)
*PCC-R=percentage of consonants correct-revised; PPVT-R=Peabody picture vocabulary test-revised; NDW=number of different words; MLUm=mean length of utterances in morphemes; MGCI=McCarthy General Cognitive Index.
Speech PCC-R −1 (−2.1 to 0.7)
Language PPVT-R 0 (−2.8 to 2.8)
NDW −2 (−7.6 to 4.8)
MLUm −0.1 (−0.2 to 0.0)
Cognition MGCI −2 (−4.1 to 1.1)
Parenting stress Total stress −2 (−5.3 to 2.3)
Child behaviour Total problems 1 (−0.6 to 3.4)

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