Evid Based Nurs 4:70-71 doi:10.1136/ebn.4.3.70

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  1. Susan King, BA
  1. Managing Editor, BMJ Knowledge, BMJ Publishing Group, London, UK

      In April, the full text web site of Evidence-Based Nursing (EBN) was launched. The internet is increasingly an important source of information for practising clinicians worldwide, and publishers are recognising that a web presence is an invaluable tool to disseminate important research and to increase international awareness of their products. Indeed, it has been said that a journal without a full text web site will not be able to survive.1

      EBN has kept its url,, but has now joined its illustrious cousin, the BMJ, and moved to California with Highwire Press (, a division of Stanford University's Green Library. Highwire's mission is “to foster research and instruction by providing a more direct link between the writers and readers of scholarly materials.”2 Many of you may already be users of the BMJ's web site ( and have seen the added value of the online journal: more articles, additional data, and discussion forums. One of the benefits of being part of the Highwire stable is that all its publishers agree to share “toll free links”—this means links from the references to any of the >200 journals hosted by Highwire to the full text or abstract of the original article even when you don't have a subscription to that journal.

      The Highwire stable contains many prestigious journals, and not just those in the basic sciences. From the list of journals regularly reviewed for EBN, over 20 have Highwire sites. As well as the BMJ, these include such diverse journals as Age and Ageing, Archives of Disease …