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Oral nutritional supplements during acute illness and recovery reduced non-elective hospital readmissions in older patients

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 Q Does nutritional support during acute illness and recovery improve clinical outcome in older patients?


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randomised placebo controlled trial.

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Embedded ImageBlinding:

blinded (patients, healthcare providers, {data collectors, outcome assessors,}* and data analysts).

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6 months.

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{a hospital in South Yorkshire, UK}.*

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445 patients ⩾65 years of age (mean age 77 y, 53% men) who were admitted to hospital and able to swallow. Exclusion criteria were gastric surgery, malabsorption or morbid obesity (body mass index >40), coma, severe dementia (Abbreviated Mental Test Score <6), malignancy, current receipt of supplements, or residence in an institution.

Embedded ImageIntervention:

usual hospital diet plus daily oral nutritional supplements, 200 ml twice daily, which provided 995 kcal …

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