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Review: hypotonic solutions increase acute hyponatraemia in children receiving standard intravenous maintenance therapy

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 Q In children receiving standard intravenous (IV) maintenance therapy in hospital, what is the relative safety of hypotonic and isotonic solutions?


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Medline, EMBASE/Excerpta Medica (to 2006), Cochrane Library, Current Controlled Trials, conference proceedings and abstracts, reference lists, personal files, and experts in the field.

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controlled trials, cohort studies, and case-control studies that evaluated adverse events (acute plasma sodium derangements and their attributed morbidity) associated with use of hypotonic (containing <0.9% sodium chloride) or isotonic (containing 0.9% sodium chloride or Ringers Lactate) IV maintenance solutions in children 1 month to 17 years of age who had been admitted to hospital for any medical or surgical condition. Patients with pre-existing hyponatraemia or comorbidities that …

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